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So you’ve decided to buy a home or condominium on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast— now what? The process can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before or have been out of the market for quite some time. But don’t worry! As your local real estate experts in Coastal Carolina, Gena Gilbert Real Estate will walk you through every step of the way to avoid any worries or uncertainties that buyers commonly experience.

Below are three key steps to buying a home in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Havelock, Newport, Emerald Isle and the surrounding areas:

1. Find a real estate agent
Buying a new home on the Crystal Coast is a major financial decision and likely one of the biggest purchase you will ever make in your life! Don’t entrust the search to just anyone. Find a real estate agent that you feel comfortable with and one you can trust. We have an excellent track record of helping buyers in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Havelock, Newport, Emerald Isle and would be glad to assist you!

2. Find a lender
Before you can purchase a home in Coastal Carolina, you will need to meet with a lender to get pre-approved or to determine how much you are able to afford in a property. If you don’t already have a lender in mind, your real estate agent would be glad to provide recommendations so you can start off this major financial move on the right foot!

3. Make a wish list
When buying a home, it’s important to determine what you need versus what you want. You may want marble countertops, but do you really need them? Things you need may include a reasonable commute time or yard for your pets, even a specific number of bedrooms to accommodate your family. Make a list of these necessary items before you begin your home search to streamline the process and rule out any homes that don’t fit.

If you’re ready to make the move to a new home in Coastal Carolina, but have a few questions to clear up first, do not hesitate to give us a call! We’ve helped numbers buyers find their dream homes and we’re here to help you too!

We look forward to hearing from you!

March often signals the beginning of spring here on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, but it’s also a time of preparation for another highly anticipated season— tax season! Homeowners in Coastal Carolina are entitled to several deductions that can help you save greatly on your overall tax bill this year, so be sure to make certain you’re taking what you can when filling out your return!

Go over your tax return with a fine toothed comb this year and double check that you’ve taken the following deductions before sending it off!

Private mortgage insurance
For those that did not make a 20 percent down payment, lenders likely required a private mortgage insurance (PMI) to be added into their mortgage payment. This does indeed increase your overall payments each month, but looking on the bright side, you can deduct your PMI as long as your adjusted gross income is less than $100,000.

Energy efficient upgrades
If you’ve made any updates to your NC home such as new insulation, windows, doors, skylights, solar panels, solar water heaters or the like, you may be eligible for this energy efficient deduction. However, note that for certain items like furnaces, there is a lifetime cap of $500, so if you’ve used this up in the past, you will not be able to deduct any more.

Mortgage interest
For loans up to $1 million, homeowners can deduct all of the interest paid on their mortgage. You do need to itemize deductions in order to take it, but keep in mind it’s often worth it to write off everything you’ve paid in interest for the previous year. For instance, on a $300,000 fixed-rate 30-year loan with a 4 percent interest rate, you would be able to deduct over $10,000.

Spring is a full season for homeowners in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Havelock, Newport, Emerald Isle and the surrounding areas, especially if you plan to sell in the near future! Give Gena Gilbert Real Estate a call today for more information about how you can take advantage of the current market this spring!

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Your Crystal Coast NC Home Maintenance To-Do List for March

clover-445255_960_720March is here and as we gear up for the official start of spring here on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, there are a few maintenance tasks you will want to complete around your home. From cleaning the gutters to tending to your yard and flowers, preparing for the spring season now will allow you to relax and enjoy later!

Below are four tasks for your to-do list this month:

Clean the gutters
Clogged gutters can cause major issues both inside your home and out if left unattended. Take the time to remove any debris like leaves, sticks and dirt that may have accumulated there over the past several months. After you’ve finished, flush water through to ensure all clogs are gone and water can flow through freely.

Clean your A/C exterior
Your A/C condenser, like your gutters, can become home to dirt, dust and debris if not cleaned regularly. Find the unit outside of your Crystal Coast home and spray with a garden hose to remove the debris. Be careful if pressure washing as you could bend or damage the exterior of the A/C unit.

Prune and prep your yard
If you have rose bushes in your yard, now is when you’ll want to begin pruning them for the most beautiful blooms as the season progresses. Remove sticks, branches and rocks from the yard or garden beds and if you find any dead or diseased buds on your floral bushes, remove them to avoid spreading to the others.

Clean the siding
Dirt and grime can shorten the life of your home‘s siding, not to mention dull its appearance. Use a pressure washer to quickly remove the build-up and get your home look spic and span for the spring— or potential buyers if you’re ready to sell.

March is a great month to take care of the above tasks at your North Carolina home, but also to consider selling and beginning your home search if you’re interested in moving to a new property in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, or Newport.

Give Gena Gilbert Real Estate a call today with any questions!

Think Spring on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast!

kite-1261396_960_720Spring is almost here on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast and if you live in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport or the surrounding communities, there are many ways to enjoy both the weather and the dozens of events planned in the area! From home and garden shows for inspiration to marathons and St. Patrick’s Day festivals that celebrate the best of Coastal Carolina, you’ll be thinking spring in no time!

29th Annual Crystal Coast Home and Garden Show
March 4-5, 2017; Saturday 10-5, Sunday 11-3
Crystal Coast Civic Center
Morehead City NC

What better place to gather inspiration for your Coastal Carolina home than at a home and garden show? This annual event will kick off its 29th year this March with over 12,000 square feet of exhibits including builders, designers, landscapers, pools, spas, home improvement and more. Here you will also be able to catch up on the latest kitchen and bath trends, tips on tackling those DIY projects or find a local service provider to assist you!

Crystal Coast Half Marathon, 10K and 5K
March 4, 2017; 9 AM
202 South 8th Street
Morehead City NC

Get out and enjoy miles of coastline, perfect running weather and iconic bridges during this race. The race begins and ends in Morehead City, the largest town in Carteret County, runs through Atlantic Beach, and afterward, celebrates finishers with a family-friendly event for all!

26th Annual Emerald Isle St. Patrick’s Festival
March 11, 2017; 9 AM to 6 PM
Emerald Plantation Shopping Center

Emerald Isle NC

Don’t miss this St. Patrick’s festival with FREE admission and parking! This year, over 75 arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, rides, face painters and other family-friendly activities will be present! You’ll want to sample all of the tasty food including corned beef and cabbage, of course, burgers, hot dogs, shrimp burgers, BBQ, fried peanuts and traditional festival fare like funnel cakes and cotton candy!

Give Gena Gilbert Real Estate a call today for more information on both buying and selling a home on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast. We’re here to help guide you through the busy real estate season ahead!

Happy spring!

3 Reasons to Sell Your Morehead City NC Home Before Spring

crocus-318293_960_720You might be dreaming of warmer weather and the official beginning of spring here on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, but if there is one thing that’s great about this time of year, it’s the opportunity to sell your home! Sure, you can list your home at any time of year in Coastal Carolina, but this window before spring officially begins and the market heats up, presents homeowners with an edge.

Below are three reasons why you should list your Crystal Coast NC home before spring:

Demand is strong
While many areas of the country are faced with lower inventory right now, that does not mean buyers are not looking for properties. In fact, buyer demand is still high and home sales as a result as increasing rapidly! Listing your property now allows you to benefit from the current buyers who are ready to call your house their new home.

Less competition
It is no secret that the spring and summer months are known as the “busy seasons” in real estate. Many homeowners believe spring and summer are the best times to sell, therefore they will wait until the officially beginning to list. What that means for you now as a Coastal Carolina homeowner is that there is less competition in the current market— don’t wait too long or your home could be lost in the crowd!

Process will be quicker
The length of time it takes to get from contract to closing fluctuates depending on the time of year, changing regulations and the housing market itself. Selling your home now before the busy season begins could award you a shorter closing process than if you decided to wait until next month to get the ball rolling.

Ready to sell your home and move on just in time for spring and summer in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, or Newport? Give Gena Gilbert Real Estate a call today!

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January and February Events on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast!

time-273857_960_720We’re off and running into 2017 here on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast and if you’re ready to jumpstart your year with all of the fun events the local communities have planned, then you’re in the right place! You can always count on Gena Gilbert Real Estate to share the many ways you can enjoy Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport and beyond and we’ve listed a few festivals and happenings going on this January and February for you below!

Be sure to mark your calendars for the following upcoming events in Coastal Carolina:

6th Annual Clam Chowder Cook Off
January 20, 2017; 6 PM to 8 PM
Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center
Beaufort NC

Participants will enjoy a tasting-sized portion of each of the four chowders prepared by four local restaurants and then vote for their favorite. But that’s not all! This year’s clam chowder cook off will also include a cornbread taste off! The four restaurants competing include Finz Grill with Chef Heather Hill and Amanda Girard, Clawson’s 1905 Restaurant & Pub with Chef Jon McGregor and Chef Corrie Robbins, Dock House Restaurant with Chef Gene Yarbrough and Donald Fulcher, and the Boathouse at Front Street Village with Chef Kenny Collins and Julie Mills.

7th Annual Mac Daddy’s Winter Festival
January 28, 2017; 10 AM to 5 PM
Mac Daddy’s Family Entertainment Center
Cape Carteret NC

Say goodbye to winter boredom with this annual winter festival including games, face painting, music, cakewalk, contests and more! Local businesses will also be present showing off their arts and crafts, products, decor, jewelry, you name it!

Carolina Chocolate Festival
February 3-5, 2017
Crystal Coast Civic Center
Morehead City NC

With tastings, demonstrations, bake-offs, golfing and relaxing at the spa, you won’t want to miss the annual Carolina Chocolate Festival! All proceeds from the event go to benefit local charities and in the past, the event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Carteret County charities— so be sure to head out and support if you’re able!

Art from the Heart
February 17-March 4, 2017
Morehead Plaza Shopping Center
Morehead City NC

This year marks the 28th annual show put on by the Arts Council of Carteret County dedicated to the sale of original artwork! The show is open to artists 18 and over who live in Carteret, Craven, Onslow, and Pamlico counties with registration open Friday and Saturday February 10 and 11th from 10 AM to 4 PM and Sunday February 12 from 9 AM to 1 PM. Artists are able to submit two pieces of original art to be judged and then put up for sale.

Feeling you need an even bigger fresh start by moving to a new home in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport or the surrounding communities? Give us a call today! We’re happy to walk you through the process of selling your home, buying a new home and provide a list of available properties in the area.

We’re always here to help!

3 Steps to Take Before Buying a Crystal Coast NC Condo or Home

beach-339495_960_720It’s a new year on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast and for many, that signals a fresh start in terms of homes. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of selling your current property in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport or are ready to purchase your first home or vacation home in Coastal Carolina— no matter which scenario, there are a few steps to take to ensure you’re on the right track!

Below are three important milestones to tackle before buying a home on the Crystal Coast:

Set up a down payment fund
If you’re not planning to sell a current property you own to use toward your down payment, it is wise to set up a down payment fund. This is commonly seen as one of the biggest obstacles to homeownership, so why not automate it to ensure it happens every month? If you never see the money, you won’t be tempted to spend it elsewhere and can put it directly toward your new home!

Keep your credit clean
Before you buy a home in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport or the surrounding communities, you will want to make sure your credit is well-groomed. Now is not the time to fall behind on bills or other debt payments like credit cards or auto loans. Lenders will like to see that you are able to pay down debts before approving you for a mortgage.

Stick to a budget
Living on a budget will allow you to save more toward your down payment and future Crystal Coast NC home. Make a budget, writing out your monthly expenses and income, and identify where you can cut back. Perhaps cutting out your gym membership in favor of working out at home will allow you to put that money into your down payment fund! Every little change will help you reach your dream home faster!

Ready to make the leap and purchase your piece of the Coastal Carolina dream? Do not hesitate to contact Gena Gilbert Real Estate with any questions about the local market, available properties or the buying process!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for a Crystal Coast NC Home This Winter

traffic-cone-1027881_960_720Despite what many believe about the winter season, opportunities still abound when the temperatures dip below their usual along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast! Both sellers and buyers are constantly motivated to move, no matter the time of year, and continue to browse homes online via their smartphones, tablets or computers— even in the winter! But if you’re shopping for a home in Coastal Carolina this winter, that doesn’t mean it’s always smooth sailing. Below are a few mistakes you’ll want to watch out for along the way.

Don’t acquire too much holiday debt
Tis the season for gift giving and holiday shopping, however it’s important that you don’t get too carried away! Avoid taking out new lines of credit this time of year and racking up debt on current credit cards. If you must put your purchases on credit cards, make sure you’re careful to pay them down or off right away! Even those with good credit can drastically change their debt-to-income ratio (a factor lenders look at when determining your eligibility for a mortgage) in a short time.

Look past the winter drab
While homes do tend to show their best during the holiday season, the winter months can tend to dull typically bright greenery, flowers and landscaping. If you come across a Crystal Coast NC home with a lawn not looking its best, do look past it. It is wise to envision what the property may look like during the spring and summer to make sure you’re not skipping over a great home!

Don’t make a lowball offer
Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean lowball offers are a must. In order to determine if you may be able to score a deal on a home in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport, you’ll need to consider how long the home has been on the market, its location, condition and many other factors. Remember that inventory is lower, while buyer demand remains high, so your lowball offer may be tossed right out the window.

Give Gena Gilbert Real Estate a call today if you’re ready to call Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport the surrounding communities your home! We can provide more information about the current real estate market, available homes and steps to take to ensure homebuyer success!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Moving Checklist for Atlantic Beach, Beaufort NC Homebuyers

hand-truck-564238_960_720This time of year may seem busy with all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but the truth is, it’s also a great time to move! Homebuyer demand is still high along North Carolina’s Crystal Coast and home sellers have an opportunity to sell their properties and move on just in time for the new year. But that doesn’t mean you can simply pack your bags and make sure everything gets onto the moving truck.

There are many parties you will need to inform of your move to a new home in Coastal Carolina and Gena Gilbert Real Estate has included the most important below:

Post Office
When you move homes in North Carolina, you will want your mail to follow! Notifying the appropriate postal services should be one of your top priorities as you begin to prepare for your move. You will simply fill out a change of address card and soon your mail will be forwarded to your new address. Keep in mind that these cards are typically valid for up to a year, so you can capture any pieces of mail that may still show up on your old doorstep.

You likely have bills and services tied to your current home in Coastal Carolina, so it’s time to inform the necessary companies—gas, electric, water, cable, to name a few—about your move. Make sure the utilities at your current home will be disconnected on the day of your move and those at your new home will be connected either prior to or on moving day as well.

Just as you filled out a change of address card for the post office, you will need to do the same with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They will want an updated address to send your tax return and other important documents throughout the year.

If you’re moving to the Crystal Coast from a different state, now is the time to head down to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to have your address updated on your license. You often have 10 to 30 days to do so, depending on the state’s requirements.

Ready to list your Crystal Coast NC home and begin your search for your dream home in Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport the surrounding communities? Give Gena Gilbert Real Estate a call today!

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While you may still have a refrigerator full of leftovers, Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season has officially begun! Lucky for us, North Carolina’s Crystal Coast is a great place to kick off the festivities! Events like Christmas parades, art walks, train shows and tree lightings abound in Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Beaufort, Newport, Havelock the the surrounding areas and we’ve listed a few of them below!

Gena Gilbert Real Estate is happy to share a few of the many ways to celebrate the holidays in Coastal Carolina below:

13th Annual Emerald Isle Christmas Parade
November 26, 2016; 3 PM
Highway 58, Emerald Drive
Emerald Isle NC

This holiday parade will begin on Highway 58 in Emerald Isle, with Santa Claus appearing on a float the end of the parade! You can also join in the fun after the parade for the Christmas tree lighting at Merchant’s Park! There will be refreshments, caroling, Santa visits and more.

Morehead City Christmas Art Walk
December 2, 2016; 4 PM to 7 PM
Downtown Morehead City
Morehead City NC

If you’re an art lover, you won’t want to miss this Christmas walk featuring downtown Morehead City art galleries, as well as other participating restaurants and businesses.

22nd Annual John Costlow Christmas Train Show
December 2-4, 2016
Old 1907 Train Depot, 2015 Pollock Street
Beaufort NC

It is the 22nd year for this holiday train show offering a glimpse into the past with antique working model trains of all varieties and sizes. No matter what age you are, you will find something to love from simple train circles around a Christmas tree to giant, detailed systems.

Christmas Tree Lighting
December 2, 2016; 6 PM
Katherine Davis Park, 6th and Arendell Streets
Morehead City NC

Start your holiday season with this Christmas tree lighting downtown Morehead City at Katherine Davis Park. You can find Santa and Mrs. Claus, holiday music and activities for the kids!

As always, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the current real estate market, buying or selling a home in Beaufort, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Morehead City, Havelock, Newport and the surrounding areas.

We look forward to hearing from you!