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Ocean View Luxury Home $799,999!

Morehead City, NC 28557

Experienced ‘Real Estate Hind Sight’? Wish you had invested and didn’t? Everyone is looking for a ‘Sleeper’ on the real estate market. Here is one you do not want to miss! Save this information and check on the value of this property a year from now! Attention all vacation home, investment, second home, beach houses and homes, buyers. This is not direct ocean front but is on the same street as the direct ocean front million dollar+ homes. Spacious, great for entertainment and large family events. Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean in all its glory at this beautiful, immaculate and huge beach house with over 3,000 heated square feet of living space. Location, location, location!! Situated on Bogue Island, NC between Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle. Physical Address: 122 Dogwood Circle, Pine Knoll Shores, NC 28512. Private beach access area, boat launching facilities, boat marinas and sound access to Bogue Sound in Carteret County, NC

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Update on the Tall Ships Coming to Beaufort, NC

As of April 5, 2006 there are 14 Tall Ships now scheduled to attend the Festival in Beaufort and Morehead City, NC. The newest ships include Schooner Virginia, a 122 foot schooner that’s a replica of pilot schooners that saialed on the Chesapeake Bay more than 80 years ago.

Ada Mae: a skipjack built in 1915 in Rose Bay, NC is one of only 20 skipjacks left built in NC.

Alliance: magnificent 105 foot tall ship privately owned vessel based in Yorktown, VA.

Jeanie B: Built in 1986, based in Greenville, NC and spends her summers sailing with the Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer campers and offers a two week long educational and seamanship program.

Margaret: One of the oldest vessels participating in the Pepsi Americas Sail, built in 1904. She is one of the few remaining yachts of the Edwardian Era. Once thought lost at sea, she finallyl arrived in Ocracoke, NC 20 days later with her crew of nine. She calls Port Bristol, RI, her home.

Three Belles: 54 foot Angleman-Davies Ketch, built in 1966. She sailed from Hong Kong to the US frequently and travels the East Coast. She currently resides in Beaufort, NC but is typically based in Rockport, Maine.

The ships will be here in Beaufort and Morehead City June 30-July 5th!

Daily tickets provide visitors the rare opportunity to step aboard these majestic tall ships and are on sale at or by calling 800-514-3849.

The Tall Ships are Coming, The Tall Ships are Coming!

If you are like me, you don’t know much about the terminology about ‘Tall Ships’. Here is a list to assist the novices such as me. What a fascinating subject this is and how majestic these ships must be! Carteret County will find out first hand beginning June 30, 2006!

Shipboard Terminology
Amidships – the middle section of a ship
Bow – the front of a ship. Compare prow
Bridge – a navigational command centre
Bulkheads – internal “walls” in a ship. Many bulkheads have a structural function as well as dividing spaces. They serve to maintain stability, to prevent water from flooding the entire ship in the event of a breach of the hull, and to contain fire. Many bulkheads feature watertight doors which, in the case of certain types of ships, the crew may close remotely.
Cabin – an enclosed room on a deck
Capstan – pulley-oriented mechanism
Decks – the “floor”s and also different levels of a ship
Deck Head – The “ceilings” inside a ship. Sometimes panelled over to hide the pipework.
Figurehead – symbolic image adorning the bow of a traditional sailing ship
Forecastle – an upper forward deck; or sailors’ living quarters
Galley – the kitchen of the ship
Gunwhale – the surrounding “wall” at the top of the hull
Hold – The lower part of the interior of a ship’s hull, especially when considered as storage space for cargo.
Hull – the shell or framework of the basic flotation-oriented part of a ship
Keel – the central structural basis of the hull
Mast – a pole designed for the suspension of one or more sails
Port – the side of the ship which lies to the left when the observer faces forward. (A mnemonic to distinguish port and starboard notes that left and port both have four letters.)
Prow – alternative term for [bow] Scupper – a drainage opening
Starboard – the side of the ship which lies to the right when the observer faces forward
Stern – the rear of the ship — also known in a directional sense as aft
Windlass – hydraulic winch mechanism used to raise and lower the ship’s cable, and to heave in on hawsers.

Pepsi America’s Tall Ships Coming to Carteret County

World-class sailing vessels will arrive in Morehead City and Beaufort July 30-July 5. This will be an unprecedented event for our area and should translate into $2.6 million in revenues – a break even figure- to the county plus be great in the long-run for the county. There will be an estimated 150,000 people who will attend this event.

More information can be gained about The Tall Ships by going to: Tickets for each 3 day event will only be sold online. Don’t miss out, order your tickets today and Welcome to Carteret County!

North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, NC Preparing to Open!

Could it be true? Excitement is in the air about all the people who plan to attend the opening of the Aquarium in May of 2006. Volunteers are signing up to help with the big event which should be one of the biggest happenings in the area in years. I for one cannot wait to see it! It has been a long time coming and the time is finally drawing near!

Our ‘Toons’ Tell Everyone About Us & What We Do

Our life is very rewarding in many, many ways!

We work hard, we play hard and we love what we do! Our ‘Toons’ say it all!

Listing and Selling Real Estate at the Crystal Coast of North Carolina…GREAT!

Enjoying our location and all the things it has to offer like the ocean, the marine life, the fishing opportunities, lounging on the beach, clamming, friendly neighbors and associates every day while we do it….FANTASTIC!

Reaping all the benefits life has to offer……PRICELESS!

“Ain’t a bad life!” Is it?

Challenger Memorial – Michael J. Smith, Native of Beaufort, NC

In honor of the entire crew of the Challenger a limited edition print will be released on Saturday January 28, 2006 at the 20th Anniversary Memorial Services being held at the Kennedy Space Center.

Michael J. Smith was a pilot on the Challenger and native of Beaufort, NC. There is a beautiful monument which resides indefinitely on the Beaufort water front in his honor and the crew of the Challenger for all visitors of the area to be reminded of the sacrafices of these brave individuals.

An entire corner of one of the sections of Applebee’s Restaurant in Morehead City also pays tribute to this local hero with personal pictures and items which belonged to the family.

Our local newspaper, The Carteret News Times ran the following article in Friday’s paper: .

Triple S Pier Auction

An auction was held on Saturday, January 28, 2006 to sell ‘everything’ associated with the Triple S Pier and Restaurant. It will be sad to see the pier go. It’s like the end of an era for those of us who grew up around it. For more details about Triple S Pier go to . However, new construction is going up all over Bogue Island from Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle on this 35 plus mile long island on the gorgeous Crystal Coast of the Atlantic Ocean. More condos perhaps? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Simple Facts About Rising Costs of Real Estate in Carteret County, NC


One Example:

FACT: Year 1997, Dunescape Condominium, 3rd floor, ocean view, 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath, SOLD: $205,000;

FACT: Year 2005, Dunescape Condominium, 3rd floor, ocean view, 3 Bedroom 2.5 Bath, SOLD: $490,000.
(Information obtained from the Carteret County MLS)

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